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Church planting and translation in Bolivia

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February 2017 Newsletter


Greetings from rainy Santa Cruz! 

Just one more flight (tomorrow) and I will be reunited with Bill in southern Bolivia!  If you think of us, please pray for dry weather for tomorrow and Monday.  Bill will be traveling through a major construction zone to get to the airport, which is nearly impassable if it's raining.  As well, I managed to twist my left knee while traveling last weekend, and it's being stubborn about healing ... maybe hobbling through airports hasn't helped?!?

Bill sent me a couple extra prayer requests for this update.  One is for Daniel, his Simba helper with the revision of the Romans lessons.  Daniel is an alcoholic ... in his 30's with four children.  The first time we met him was at a Simba birthday party where, being in a drunken state he had done something to anger his wife and she was hitting him with a stick. :-( He has worked before with Bill on the Bible translation, but rarely lasts a full week before he goes on a drinking binge with the money he's earned.  Bill has been encouraged at how much Daniel is retaining as they work through Romans, especially considering how much in the Romans lessons involves an extensive, clear presentation of the gospel.  Please pray for Daniel ... he desperately needs to be saved from the bondage he's in, both to alcohol and to sin.

Secondly, Bill has had the opportunity this past month to meet with a Simba man named Hugo, who is the main leader over all the Simba communities in the southern part of Bolivia.  Hugo wanted to know more about the work we are doing among his people, and he has expressed support.  Though he has yet to do it, he has promised to write a letter of introduction to the Simba communities and to provide us with a map of the location of each (there are many that are quite isolated that we have not yet visited).  As well, he has expressed interest in Sunday Bible teaching in the Simba community (Ñaurenda) where he lives ... that is only a 15 minute hike past the community of Saladito where we are currently teaching Bernabel and his family each Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, Hugo's family and Bernabel's family are on 'opposite sides of the political fence' ... so, we would very much appreciate your prayers as we seek the Lord regarding this new opportunity in Ñaurenda.  We have been and will continue to teach the Bible to any of the Simba who express interest, regardless of their political position, but we realize how much we are in need of wisdom as we interact with Hugo as the leader of one side in the division.

Finally, there has been no word yet on the printing of the Simba Bible, though it was expected to be done by this week.  Please continue to pray for the Lord's timing in its completion, and as we plan the dedication conference for the Simba believers.  Today I had the opportunity to meet the Jesus film team here in Santa Cruz, and the leader gave me a copy of the newly completed Simba version!  We are looking forward to showing this in the Simba communities once we have the Bible in hand to distribute.

As always, we are so grateful to each of you who are praying for the outreach to the Simba people.  ¡Muchas gracias!

Warmly in Christ,

Kathleen, for us both

Bill & Kathleen Mann

Working with New Tribes Mission
among the Simba-Guaraní people of Bolivia


Dear Friends,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your prayers.  We were so blessed to see the Lord work not only at our team meeting, but also through a surprise visitor before!  The main issue about which our team was divided centered around one of the Simba teachers (Julio).  Bill had been trying to meet with Julio all week to check some of the revised Romans lessons and also to feel out where he stands regarding some of the issues to be discussed at our meeting; however, Julio was working in an isolated area with no phone contact, and his family wasn't sure when he'd be back. We were so surprised when he showed up on our doorstop just before lunch on the day of our team meeting!  We were able to catch up with him over lunch, and understand his current position and goals for the immediate future ... information our team really needed for making decisions.  Along with this, both of our co-workers were able to move from their previous extreme positions to work out some important details for Julio and other Simba teachers.  Through much discussion and prayer, we arrived at some important guidelines that we feel will avoid some potential serious problems. We were able to decide as a team upon our main direction and strategy, though there are still a couple areas that are yet to be worked out.  So we would sure appreciate your continued prayers that what is still somewhat foggy to us would yet become clear, and that through it all God's name would be glorified among the Simba people. 

We truly praise God for all that was accomplished!  And to add to the praise items:  We also saw the Lord's enabling earlier this week when Bill went to drive our vehicle to the required appointment for its yearly inspection, only to find out it wouldn't start ... the new battery we had bought less than a month ago was not functioning. UGH!  But thanks to a co-worker who quickly lent us his battery, we were able to make it just a few minutes late and get it accomplished.  Another praise ... I am writing this enroute to Canada, to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday with family there!  With our Bible printing time extended until March, this opened a window for me to be gone, and much of the ticket cost was covered by a voucher from our last return trip to Bolivia!  YAY!!  Bill would sure appreciate your prayers as he enjoys much spaghetti and Mac & Cheese this coming month! Actually, we worked out a menu with some good variety, and there are also a least a half dozen small restaurants in Timboy ... so he assured me he's going to get by okay!  Please do pray for him as he is alone in the Simba South and continuing to teach the group there.  He is hoping to travel back to Timboy tomorrow (Saturday).

We are exceedingly grateful to each of you for your prayers, and just feeling so blessed to have such faithful supporters of the Simba work.

With love from us both,



Greetings, dear praying friends, 

We are writing this to ask you to please consider holding us and the Simba missionary team up to the throne of grace regarding a matter that is confronting us and has the potential to do serious damage to any future effective ministry among the Simba.  We will be meeting as a team tomorrow and/or Thursday to discuss a sensitive issue that has proven to be very divisive.  Basically, our two co-workers are at opposite extremes on this issue.  For several months now, we have talked, sent emails, and prayed over a middle-of-the-road solution that we personally believe is both Biblical and with potential for healthy ministry.  But it's apparent that so far neither of our co-workers are willing to move from their extreme positions.  Our prayer request is that, during this upcoming meeting, the Holy Spirit would move on the hearts of all of us on the Simba missionary team, and would give us the wisdom and unity we desperately need regarding this issue.

Thanks so much for the crucial part you have in all this through your prayers.

In His Grace,

Bill & Kathleen